Large Animal Care

We specialize in large animal consultation, diagnosis and treatment.

Our focus regarding large animal care is to meet client needs. We offer ambulatory (i.e. house call or farm call) services over most of northern Wisconsin, as well as into Michigan and Minnesota, treating all large animals.

Our radiography unit and ultrasound are portable. While most large animal medicine and surgery is done on the farm, we also now have a heated, indoor equine facility. Some of the many equine services we offer include: Routine Vaccinations, Exams and Coggins (equine infectious anemia) testing, Lameness Exams, Artificial Insemination, Routine Gelding & Cryptorchid Surgery, and Dental Care.

Our bovine practice focuses much on reproduction, but also includes vaccination, castration, dehorning and deworming, as well as sick or lame cow care.

We look forward to working with you and your animals.

– the Willow Team

Community impact

Willow Animal Hospital provides farm calls to surrounding counties and neighboring areas. Routine herd checks for cattle, focusing on disease prevention play an impactful role in the maintenance of healthy dairy and cattle farms. Additional attention is also given to establishing successful breeding programs and providing specialized diagnostic care through laboratory analysis.

We can handle it. Our veterinarians have experience with many different types of large animals, and will spend time learning the needs and requirements of your specific farm. Give us a call and let us know how we can serve you today!

  Mobile Vet

Our vet will come to you! Dr. Meyer’s routine farm schedule includes herd checks, pregnancy checks, and routine procedures. Mileage costs are adjusted according to location and rotation of scheduled appointments.

Appointments for sick or injured animals may be scheduled as well, and additional mileage charges may apply. Emergency appointments are available as well – If you have an emergency after hours, please call our dedicated emergency line at +1 (715) 292-9372

  On-site Advantage

Our newly-remodeled clinic features on-site large animal facilities, allowing us to better serve your needs. We offer radiology, laboratory services, and in-house surgical procedures here, giving you the option of bringing your animal to our clinic rather than calling the Vet to you. Additionally, this expands the list of available procedures, as our facility is well-equipped and prepared to handle any emergency that should arise during a situation.

Willow Animal Hospital Coverage Area
  • HERD HEALTH DAYS | Once a month, Dr. Meyer travels to the Douglas Co. area, providing services to farms on a specialized route. If you would like to add your herd to this list, saving mileage fees as part of a group discount, please give us a call at (715) 682-2470.