Clinic Services

Service Description & Details

Consultation & Examination

Our veterinarians are interested in the overall health of your pet; if you are concerned about a behavioral or nutritional issue, simply schedule an appointment and be prepared for in-depth discussion and problem solving.

We realize that pharmaceutical treatment is only one way of treatment, and are open to exploring different methods, be it through diet change, additional training, or behavioral shaping, in order to help you and your pet live a healthy life.

Dietary Management

We carry an established line of Hill’s Science Diet and Hill’s Prescription Diet foods. Each diet is specifically formulated for the lifestyle, nutritional, and possible medical needs of each individual pet.

Our staff will be happy to help you choose the best diet for your pet, and has been trained to select the correct food for your animal’s breed, weight, and physical requirements.


Our in-house pharmacy continues to expand and incorporate the newest veterinary pharmaceuticals. With access to veterinary pharmacies that offer customized and flavored medicines, we make the process of giving medicine to your pet a breeze!

Having trouble administering your pet’s medication? We can help. Bring your pet in and we’ll show you how to handle it…

On-Call Emergency Care

When emergencies happen, it’s a relief to know that help is just a phone call away. If you have an emergency after hours, please call our dedicated emergency line at +1 (715) 292-9372

Small & Large Animal Surgery

Spays, neuters (including cryptorchid), hernia repair, caesareans (C-section), lump removals, exploratory and more…

We use radiosurgery for the majority of our surgical procedures.

Orthopedic Surgery

Anterior, or cranial, cruciate ligament (ACL or CCL) surgery may be the most common orthopedic procedure we do, but we also offer fracture repair and luxation reduction procedures as well as amputation (for uncorrectable problems).

X-ray Radiography

This form of medical technology primarily produces clear images of bones and joints. However, swelling in soft tissue and outline of organs can also be perceived by x-ray imaging.


Our ultrasound machines incorporate technology using sound waves for medical imaging, allowing an in-depth, non-invasive look at deep tissues, organs, and tendons.

Laboratory Services

Offering a variety of in-house testing, as well as collaborating with multiple state laboratories, we are able to receive accurate and quick results to better diagnose your pet.

DNA Testing

Have you ever wondered what different breeds are behind the adorable face of your mutt? Are you a breeder looking for proof of a certain heritage in your breeding stock? If these are questions that interest you, then ask about our DNA testing options, and how they can be utilized to reveal the unique genetic background in your best friend.

Allergy Testing

Dogs, cats, and horses often have allergies to food, medications, and environmental triggers. If you suspect your pet has an ongoing issue with an unknown irritant, ask your veterinarian if allergy testing would be appropriate. The results are meant to be life changing, and if an allergy problem is found, most often it can be corrected through dietary changes and/or awareness.

CWD Testing

For deer and elk herds, CWD (Chronic Wasting Disease) testing is mandated by the state. We are an authorized CWD testing facility that can send samples out to state labs for testing. Please check your regional and state requirements for details.

Health Certificates

We have nationally accredited veterinarians on staff to perform health checks & health certificates for intrastate, interstate & international travel for your pets and farm animals, as well as all testing, microchipping, etc. required for such travel…

Artificial Insemination

This specialized service can be done for both large and small animals. AI can be a revolutionary improvement in introducing new lines to your breeding program whether it applies to trying to maximize production in your cattle herd, or influence the lines in your canine breeding program.

Euthanasia & Cremation

We offer caring & compassionate end-of-life services for your faithful companion, as well as the option of individual cremation with ashes returned to you in a handmade ceramic urn.


Does your pet require further or specialized diagnostics, treatment, or therapies? We will give you referral options to specialized services available to you, both locally and beyond.

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